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Revolutionary, High Compaction Ratio Active and Passive Antennas

Space Antennas

High Compaction Ratio Wideband Antennas

High Compaction Ratio, Large Deployable Antennas

ARS, in partnership with MMA Design, is developing state of the art, high compaction ratio space deployable antennas for radar and communications. These antennas have a variety of form factors equivalent to offset fed parabolic reflectors and center fed cassegrain type parabolic reflectors. Sizes have range from 0.75 to > 5 meters. Contact us to find out if we have an existing system to easily adapt to your mission needs.

3D and Planar Antennas

ARS, in partnership with MMA Design, is developing wideband antennas for SigInt, Comms and Sensors. Antenna types developed so far are Log Periodic Dipole Antennas, Spiral and Sinuous Antennas, Crossed Dipoles among others. Many architectures are possible including multi-filar helices. All types can be single or dual polarization with excellent power handling.

Rigid, Non-deployed Space Antennas

Low to Medium Gain Antennas

ARS has successfully developed space qualified antennas for LEO missions. These antennas support a variety of communication and sensing applications. The antennas are easily customized for a variety of mission applications. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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