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weather research radar in Pawnee Grassland, northern Colorado


ARS will be releasing an X-band multifunction radar in 2021 for weather surveillance, general surveillance and target tracking.


SATCOM Products

ARS is developing Active Electronically Steered Array antennas for Satellite Communications for terrestrial and space platforms.

Moscow, Russia - June, 21, 2020: Detail of First Unmanned Lunar Rovers in Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics at VDNH

Space Non-deployed Antennas

Agile RF Systems has invested in a state of the art, in-door, near field antenna range based on a 6-axis robotic positioner


Space Deployable Antennas

ARS is partnered with MMA Design LLC developing a number of innovative payload antennas for SAR, SigInt, Earth Sensing, and Communications

Telecommunication mast with microwave link and TV transmitter antennas over a blue sky.

Millimeter Wave Atennas

ARS developed a 19 beam Transmit/Receive antenna for V/W SATCOM. 

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