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Ultra Low Cost AESA


ARS is developing

Active Electronically Steered Array (AESA) antennas for Satellite Communications

Our Ka SATCOM product line will be released in late 2021 using conventional core chip technology. This AESA is modular and can support terminal sizes of 64 to greater than 4096 element sizes. 

ARS is also developing an innovation in

Ultra-low cost phased arrays under NASA and AFRL sponsorship

This innovation substantially reduces cost, complexity, power consumption and size. Early prototype antennas and concept drawing are shown. 

In order to attain size, weight, power and cost advantages, custom designed MMIC’s are required. An example is shown below.

SATCOM Terminal

ARS is collaborating with Higher Ground on a new generation of SATCOM terminals providing global text messaging (including photos) using an innovation in dual polarization, dual band antennas. Future products will include active electronically steered antennas. See


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