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Innovative AESA with Multichannel Software Defined Radio


ARS is actively developing an

X-band weather surveillance portable Doppler radar

The new radar is dual polarized and low power with sensitivity for rain detection out to 180 nmi. The phased array antenna has an approximate 2 degree beamwidth in azimuth and elevation. The system is based on a software defined radar architecture, allowing the radar to operate in hard target search and track if desired.

ARS Radar Antenna
  • Portable Weather Radar: X-band, Dual Polarized (1x1 meter aperture)

  • Phase/Spin Architecture: Electronic Scan in Elevation, Mechanical Spin in Azimuth

  • Software Defined Radio (multi channel): enables a variety of beamforming modes not available in single channel radars

  • Multifunction capable: Weather (NEXRAD Level II & III data), Drone detection, classification and tracking, general surveillance of air and ground

  • First of its kind commercially available phased array system available for weather products and alerts and warnings.

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